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Welcome to Communities Matter




Speak at the Public Hearing

City Hall

Apr 22, 2024 

9:30 am  

Learn more about how blanket rezoning will impact the City of Calgary and what you can do to create a more resource-conscious future.

Overview of the Issues:

Lack of Specificity: Blanket rezoning does not take into account the unique characteristics and needs of individual neighbourhoods or areas within the city. This can lead to inappropriate land use changes that do not align with the existing community context.

Gentrification and Displacement: Rezoning can lead to increased property values and rents, potentially displacing long-term residents and businesses, particularly in lower-income neighborhoods. This can contribute to gentrification and socioeconomic segregation.

Infrastructure Strain: Rapid development resulting from blanket rezoning can put strain on existing infrastructure such as roads, schools, and utilities. Without adequate planning and investment, this can lead to congestion, overcrowding, and service deficiencies.

Loss of Community Character: Rezoning without consideration for neighbourhood character and heritage can result in the loss of unique architectural features, cultural assets, and community identity.

Environmental Impact: Blanket rezoning encourages unsustainable development practices, leading to habitat destruction, increased pollution, and degradation of natural resources.

Traffic Congestion: Intensified development without sufficient transportation planning can exacerbate traffic congestion and reduce the quality of life for residents.

Affordability Challenges: Rezoning incentivizes the construction of high-end housing or commercial properties, exacerbating affordability challenges for low- and moderate-income residents.

Public Participation: Blanket rezoning limits opportunities for meaningful public participation and input in the decision-making process, leading to a lack of community buy-in and trust in local governance.

Long-Term Sustainability: Without comprehensive planning and consideration of long-term impacts, blanket rezoning undermines the city's overall sustainability and resilience to future challenges such as climate change and economic fluctuations.

What's actually happening

"As an architect working in Calgary, we are already seeing the potential effects of the blanket upzoning.  Our office has had several calls already from property owners looking at how many units could be put on their properties, not to build homes, but purely to increase property value.  One of the other architects in our office has been trying to buy an inner-city home but is now being priced out of the market as homes are now being marketed for their potential land value if the blanket upzoning is approved.  He just wants to find an inner-city home to raise his family.  He wants to live there, not make money off it.  This is not how to maintain neighbourhoods.   When the City talks about land use predictability, they are looking at it through the lens of developers. "

Speak at the Public Hearing


Apr 22, 2024, 9:00 a.m.
City Hall, Council Chambers


April 22, 2024
9:30 am


800 Macleod Trail SE


Please keep in mind, if you’re unable to attend you can fill out the same form and submit a public comment up to 2500 words.  


Attendance can be in-person or over the phone. We need as many people to participate as possible. 

We each get 5 mins to speak.


The city organizes speakers into panels, there are five people per panel. You will receive an email with which panel you are on. 


You can register to speak up until the day of the public hearing and during the public hearing.


The agenda item to fill out the form to register to speak is released two weeks prior to the public hearing. We will have the agenda item posted on this website, so you can reference the item number.


Click here for talking points.


Please start your oral or written response with “I am in opposition of the blanket rezoning."

Need help? Reach out to

The public hearing is available to watch live, there is up to a 45 second delay in transmission.

When it's your turn to speak over the phone if that's how you are attending, be sure to follow the City's instructions by putting the live video on mute to ensure there's no reverberation of sound.

When it is your turn to speak in-person or by phone, the City will call up the panel number along with the names of the participants in that panel.  You will speak in the order that your name is called. If you register at the same time as someone else you know, there's a good chance you'll be speaking near the same time as one another.

If speaking in-person, be sure to stand near the mic and speak clearly. 

You do not have to wait on the phone the entire time nor be at council for the entire time, you need to be present only when it's the panel before yours. If you are at work and need someone to contact you to let you know when your panel is coming up, please contact and we will arrange this for you.



Info for filling out form:


Are you speaking on behalf of a group  or Community Association? 

No, unless you're speaking as a board member of a community association or other group, etc.


How do you wish to attend?

Remotely (on the phone) or in person


What meeting do you wish to comment on?



Date: 2024-04-22


What agenda item do you wish to comment on? 

TBD - Will be released 2 weeks prior to Public Hearing


Are you in favour or opposition of the issue? 



You can provide visual material to use while speaking. It's okay to fill out the form now without submitting the files. You can either send an email up to the day prior including your files to the email provided there or you can bring our visuals on a usb stick for the day of. Another option is to bring 8.5 x 11 paper which they'll project it onto the wall, make sure to have a second copy of the paper to leave with the city clerk for record.


Comment if you'd like to make another record of your position.


Need Data?

Click Here

For data to help with your talking points on April 22, 2024. 


Data of particular interest may be tree canopy, traffic flow map, off street parking zones, urban heat raster data map, CMHC builder’s report (one and two family) community detail, SRG online land supply, surface water quality sonde data, annual river withdrawals, GHG by property type, transit network lines (geospatial), development permit public notices.

About Communities Matter

We are driven by a commitment to inform and empower residents on the critical issue of a general rezoning proposed by our city. We are volunteers dedicated to fostering informed civic engagement. We recognize the significance of City Council's upcoming decision on the proposed by-law as this sweeping rezoning, transitioning numerous neighborhoods from RG-1 to general zoning, holds profound implications for all residents.


We firmly believe in the power of collective action and collaboration. Together, we can amplify our voices and advocate for a more inclusive, transparent, and community-centered decision-making process. By fostering dialogue, sharing information, and facilitating engagement, we strive to ensure that every citizen's perspective is valued and considered.

Help us with this crucial endeavor to safeguard the interests and well-being of our neighborhoods. Together, let's work towards a city where the concerns and aspirations of every resident are heard and respected. Your participation is instrumental in shaping the future of our community. 

Get Involved


"Smart City Planning for Sustainable


Communities Matter

City View


Mar 13

Council Meets to Vote on a Plebiscite

Council will determine if the general rezoning will be determined by a plebiscite during the next election in Oct 2025.

Apr 22

Rally at City Hall

Attend the rally at City Hall from 9:00 - 9:30 am in front of City Hall. We encourage you to make signs and show your support. 

Apr 22

Council Votes on By-law for Blanket Rezoning

Attend the public hearing for the opportunity to speak in front of council either in-person or by phone.


Tuesday March 13th, 2024

Calgary City Council voted against a plebiscite 8-6

Against: Jasmine Mian, Raj Dhaliwal, Richard Pootmans, Courtney Walcott, Gian-Carlo Carra, Kourtney Penner, Evan Spencer, & Jyoti Gondek

In Favour: Sonja Sharp, Terry Wong, Sean Chu, Andre Chabot, Dan McClean, Peter Demong

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 4.25.28 PM.png

Join Us at City Hall + Share Your Voice


Learn the issues. Share with family and friends.

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